Biopsy Products

biopsy forceps
Biopsy Forceps

Micro-Tech offers a wide selection of cost-effective disposable biopsy forceps to meet your procedural needs.

eus needles
EUS Needles

Whether requiring a EUS solution for diagnostic and therapeutic intervention or for histological sampling, Micro-Tech Endoscopy provides high quality, affordable clinical options to help with consistent sampling and accurate diagnosis from EUS tissue acquisition.

retrieval forcep
Retrieval Forceps

Single-use grasping forceps for secure removal of tissue of foreign bodies.

hot biopsy forcep
Hot Biopsy Forceps

Micro-Tech offers cost-effective disposable hot biopsy forceps with all the features of our Standard Oval and Serrated biopsy forceps.

cytology brush
Cytology Brushes

Stiff brushes for reliable tissue sampling.