System for Continuous Flow Lithotripsy

ClearPetra Ureteral Access Sheath
ClearPetra Nephrostomy Sheath
Clearpetra Cystoscopy Sheath

The ClearPetra System combines the utility of an access sheath for laser lithotripsy, with continuous flow fluid dynamics, for effective and efficient stone fragment removal. The ClearPetra system can reduce intra-luminal pressure, stone retropulsion, improve the visual field, and save operating time. A reduction in the use of additional stone removal accessories and improved procedure efficiency can significantly reduce overall procedure costs.

The ClearPetra System helps address these challenges by using the vortex created by continuous high-flow irrigation and vacuum fluid dynamics to attract and capture fragments while reducing overall urinary tract pressure.


Operation time

Obscured visual field

Difficulties in extracting residual stone fragments

Stone retropulsion

High intra-luminal pressure in the urinary tract



  • Shorter procedure time by efficiently controlling and removing fragments, the total operations time is reduced.
  • Improved visual field under continuous irrigation and suction. Bleeding and dust storm from stone pulverization no longer obscure the visual field.
  • Improved stone clearance stone fragments will aggregate at the distal end of the ClearPetra sheath instead of scattering and are removed through the oblique side port on the ClearPetra Sheath by the continuous suction.
  • No more stone retropulsion. Effectively prevents retrograde stone migration with Negative Pressure Aspiration and at the same time, removes the stone fragments.
  • Reduces intra-luminal pressure vortex, which is created by continuous irrigation and suction. It reduces the operational (intra-luminal) pressure.
  • No accessory device required - stone baskets, forceps, and anti-retropulsion devices are no longer necessary. Under the Negative Pressure Aspiration, the stone fragments are captured and evacuated.

Note: Micro-Tech is the exclusive U.S. distributor for ClearPetra and all U.S. based orders must go through Micro-Tech Endoscopy.

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SKU Size (ID x OD x Length)
90111013 10x12Fr x 13cm
90111026 10/12Fr x 26cm
90111036 10/12Fr x 36cm
90111040 10/12Fr x 40cm
90111046 10/12Fr x 46cm
90111055 10/12Fr x 55cm
90111113 11/13Fr x 13cm
90111126 11/13Fr x 26cm
90111136 11/13Fr x 36cm
90111140 11/13Fr x 40cm
90111146 11/13Fr x 46cm
90111155 11/13Fr x 55cm
90111213 12/14Fr x 13cm
90111226 12/14Fr x 26cm
90111236 12/14Fr x 36cm
90111240 12/14Fr x 40cm
90111246 12/14Fr x 46cm
90111255 12/14Fr x 55cm
90111313 13/15Fr x 13cm
90111326 13/15Fr x 26cm
90111336 13/15Fr x 36cm
90111340 13/15Fr x 40cm
90111346 13/15Fr x 46cm
90111355 13/15Fr x 55cm
90111413 14/16Fr x 13cm
90111426 14/16Fr x 26cm
90111436 14/16Fr x 36cm
90111440 14/16Fr x 40cm
90111446 14/16Fr x 46cm
90111455 14/16Fr x 55cm
SKU Size (ID x OD x Length)
90121013 10x12Fr x 13cm
90121015 10/12Fr x 15cm
90121017 10/12Fr x 17cm
90121021 10/12Fr x 21cm
90121213 12/14Fr x 13cm
90121215 12/14Fr x 15cm
90121217 12/14Fr x 17cm
90121221 12/14Fr x 21cm
90121413 14/16Fr x 13cm
90121415 14/16Fr x 15cm
90121417 14/16Fr x 17cm
90121421 14/16Fr x 21cm
90121613 16/18Fr x 13cm
90121615 16/18Fr x 15cm
90121617 16/18Fr x 17cm
90121621 16/18Fr x 21cm
90121813 18/20Fr x 13cm
90121815 18/20Fr x 15cm
90121817 18/20Fr x 17cm
90121821 18/20Fr x 21cm
90122013 20/22Fr x 13cm
90122015 20/22Fr x 15cm
90122017 20/22Fr x 17cm
90122021 20/22Fr x 21cm
90122213 22/24Fr x 13cm
90122215 22/24Fr x 15cm
90122217 22/24Fr x 17cm
90122221 22/24Fr x 21cm
SKU Size (ID x OD x Length)
90131821 18/20Fr x 21cm
90131824 18/20Fr x 24cm
90132021 20/22Fr x 21cm
90132024 20/22Fr x 24cm
90132221 22/24Fr x 21cm
90132224 22/24Fr x 24cm
Stone Collection Bottle
SKU Size (ml)
79880140 140ml for 10Fr-22Fr sheath